Most of the Business look forward to an integrated system that can handle the complete workflow of the Organization. Isolated system results in huge wastage and overheads.

Within the System Integration portfolio, we provide:

  • Assistance in deciding the right technology.
  • Maximize the usage of the available technology infrastructure.
  • Ensure the application meets the desired standards of reliability and availability.
  • Integrate systems with new technologies, Engines, Platforms and Interfaces
  • Increase the ability to compete globally, by integrating with existing applications.
  • Speed up the pace of technological change within your organization, while minimizing costs.
System Integation


System Integration Life Cycle:

  1. Identifying the Integration avenues
  2. Requirement & Technology selection
  3. Mapping with Business values
  4. Approvals
  5. Implementation/ Integration
  6. Regular communication
  7. Functional & Regression Test
  8. System Test
  9. Beta Test
  10. Deployment

Why Accentvision?

  • Ensuring ever changing business goals are timely met
  • Integrating existing or new systems with a goal, to eliminate all the overheads, which allow for smooth and efficient business operations.
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